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The Jones Boys Band is a four piece band, based in the Tricities, that is dedicated to good times and great music. The band is made up of talented musicians which have played various genres of music such as: bluegrass, good country, jazz, ragtime/swing, funk, soul, r&b, classic rock and disco/dance music. They do covers as well as original favorites. They have a growing fan base from "doctors to hippies". The Jones Boys show is focused on audience response and requests that lead to many different types of music. On a usual "Jones Boys" night, it is not uncommon to hear a Doc Watson song right before the Rolling Stones , or Stevie Wonder right after the Stray Cats . They are available for any event where only good entertainment will do. The Jones Boys are guaranteed to keep almost any crowd entertained with a variety of different music.

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We hope to see you at our upcoming shows !

Jan. 16, 2015:     Biggie`s, Kingsport, TN

Feb. 28, 2015:     Biggie`s, Kingsport, TN

March 14, 2015:   Private Party

May 2, 2015:       Lakeview Marina - Boone Lake 

May 23, 2015:     Biggie`s, Kingsport, TN

May 30, 2015:     Sonny's Marina  - Boone Lake

June 6, 2015:     Kingsport Civic Auditorium (opening for Toby Jugg Band) 

June 12, 2015:   Mellow Mushroom - Johnson City

June 13, 2015:   Wedding

June 19, 2015:    Lakeview Marina - Boone Lake

June 26, 2015:    Sonny`s Marina - Boone Lake

July 3, 2015:       Lakeview Marina - Boone Lake

July 4, 2014:       Wilson`s Annual Party -  Damascus, Va.

July 10, 2015:     Biggie`s, Kingsport, TN

July 25, 2015:     Sonny`s Marina - Boone Lake

Aug. 15, 2015:    Private Party

Aug. 21, 2015:    Sonny`s Marina - Boone Lake

Aug. 29, 2015:    Lakeview Marina - Boone Lake

Sept 3, 2015:     Quaker Steak & Lube - Bike Night

Sept. 4, 2015 :    Lakeview Marina - Boone Lake

Sept. 11, 2015:   Sonny`s Marina - Boone Lake

Sept. 18, 2015:   Biggie`s - Kingsport, TN